Chairman’s message

Mada’in Properties PJSC is a Dubai based properties company that was established in late 2006 with a plan to build multiple unique developments in different areas in Dubai, and the vision to be a world class boutique property developer in the real estate business in the UAE.

Our shareholders include prominent individuals, Sharai’a Compliant Banks, investment banks, public joint-stock companies, government organisations and semi government organisations. They are considered to be the hidden gems of our company and share our vision for quality developments.

In pursuit to achieve the vision of our shareholders, the board’s vision has been to establish a foot print of quality developments across the Dubai landscape. In order to reach our goal, the company focused on securing unique land plots in upcoming free hold areas in Dubai. Soon after acquiring this, the company put its efforts in developing unique concepts for each of the plots that would stand out from the adjacent developments in these areas.

We were well on the path of achieving our vision but like many other developers, we faced a setback with the global financial crisis. In order to achieve our goals and survive through the crisis a new board of directors and managers came on board with a dedication to transform the organisation. The new team focused on the consolidation of the portfolio, reduction on operating costs, restructuring of all financing, and endorsement of the corporate governance of the organisation, With the hard work of our team, we were able to prevail and succeed. This will be witnessed in the successful completion of the Marina Arcade Tower and our future developments. At Mada’in Properties we strive to ensure that our homeowners and investors experience the highest quality. To achieve this, we used a twofold strategy by providing spectacular locations for our developments and we teamed up with highly reputable engineers and designers in the industry to create distinctive products.

One of our key focus is to invest on human capital by hiring a team of highly qualified professionals, who are passionate and dedicated to help us achieve our long-term vision in the competitive Real Estate market of Dubai.

Growing up in the UAE we watched our leaders work hand in hand to achieve nothing but extraordinary. The hard work of our leaders has paid off with Dubai being one of the leading real estate market in the world offering a well-regulated and secured platform, capital appreciation and rental yields. This has also resulted in creating a harmonious vibrant environment that became secure home for many. We aim to follow the footsteps of our leaders by delivering an exciting range of new projects in the near future to align with our vision and the exceptional constant growth that Dubai is undergoing.

Our long-term goal is to seize every opportunity that will help us grow in the market, provide our clients with quality homes and contribute to Dubai’s constant success, especially with the approach of Expo2020.

It will be our pleasure to have you onboard in our successful voyage.

Chairman Madain