What is the meaning of Mada’in?
  • Mada’in is an Arabic word which means Cities.
Who is Mada’in?
  • Mada’in is a UAE based real estate development company, headquartered in Dubai, and founded by prominent investors from UE and other GCC countries. Our shareholders include different Sharia’a compliant banks, investments banks, public joint stock companies, government organisations and semi government organisations and prominent individuals.
We understood that Mada’in is a Sharia’a compliant developer, what impact does this have on me as a property buyer?
  • Sharia’a is the body of Islamic Law which is derived from The Quran and the Sunna’h. The group abides by the principals of Sharia’a across all its activities. The Sharia’s guidelines to the group are provided by its Sharia’a Supervisory board constituted to manage its activities. Earning interest (riba) is not allowed – weather you are an individual or a bank. To comply with these rules, interest is not paid on Islamic savings or current accounts, or charged on Islamic mortgages. Any penalties that are charged by the developer are not kept by the company but donated to charity. Any economic transaction should take place within a fair, responsible free-market economy.
When was the company formed?
  • The company was established late 2006.
What is Mada’in’s vision?
  • Our vision at Mada’in Properties is to be a world-class boutique property developer.
What do Mada’in develop?
  • Currently, Mada’in has developed a residential tower, Marina Arcade, which is located in Dubai Marina. Phase is now under construction also in Dubai Marina. Our future plans include developing more residential as well as retail projects across Dubai.
  What’s Mada’in’s authorised share capital and paid up capital?
  • AED 223M